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  The ReZoom™ Multifocal Lens Technology

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56K  |  DSL  |  Cable

Billie Macik: My doctor had asked me how important was it for me to be able to see far and intermediate and near.

It's extremely important to me because, as a management consultant, I have to see people that I'm talking to in a seminar; I have to be able to see the screen, and I have to be able to see my notes up front.  The ReZoom™ Multifocal Lens did this for me, and I am just thrilled!

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Mary Peikert: When I went back to work after having the surgery and not wearing glasses, people would look at me and say,  "You're not wearing glasses anymore! You look younger!"

And I just said, thank you, thank you, ReZoom™!

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David Watson: It just adds, or I should say it takes away an issue that was dogging me most, or a good part, of my life, which was having to cope with eyeglasses.  And given my active lifestyle, and even in general; going to the movies, driving, and all the daily activities, the ReZoom™ Lens has just been perfect for me because it duplicates the vision that I always wanted to have without having to wear the hardware.

And for me that's just freeing and liberating and something that I always wanted to have. I'm so happy I did it.

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Karen Gladney: I have had eye surgery before so I had no apprehensions about that.  It was very simple. There was very little to do on my part, and there was no pain involved.  The procedure itself is very quick. The recovery for me was going home and taking a nap. Other than having to remember to use drops two or three times a day, I think I adjusted immediately.

The next day I could see better with the ReZoom™ Multifocal Lens than I had been able to see before with my glasses.

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56K  |  DSL  |  Cable

Norman Lawrence: That evening I picked up a book to see if I could read, and, of course, with medicines in your eyes it's still kind of blurry. But the next morning, just with the one eye, I picked up my book and could read, and I couldn't believe it. I was elated, honestly. And then, after two additional weeks, I could read out of that second eye - both helping. I covered one eye, then the other eye..equally as good, and I was really excited.

When a person depends upon their eyes there is no way to express it unless they have gone though the same thing.  And, those ReZoom™ Lenses honestly took care of the problem quickly. I still talk about it. Its been two months on one eye and six weeks on the other eye, and I'm still talking about it. I'm a walking-talking advocate of the ReZoom™ Lens, really!


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